Alicia Beth Dawson

Producer / Writer / Actress
Brief info

Alicia Beth Dawson is currently working with Bello Studios as co-producer and co-writer on a feature comedy film called “The Bachelor Plan” as well as four reality TV show concepts. In 2014, Alicia worked closely with Travestee Films and Bello Studios to help cast principal actors and provide hair and make-up services. Her love for independent film making inspired her to write and produce a hilarious short film called “Just Listen”, where she played the lead role as a struggling actress dealing with unsupportive parents.

Alicia’s passion for the arts led her to fill her high school and college years with active participation in theater, private voice lessons, and dance and acting classes. She attended the University of South Carolina where she appreciated the diverse culture and majored in biology but decided to pursue a career in hair and make-up.