Layla Mopsick

Brief info

Layla Mopsick is a very talented 12-year-old actress that can also sing and dance. Her goal is to become a successful actress in TV and film. She has been auditioning constantly for Feature Films and major network TV including Nickelodeon, Disney, NBC, FOX, Netflix, and more.
Layla is always striving to improve her craft with training in TV, film, and voice-over. Through Master Classes & Youth Talent Workshops in NYC & DC, she has interfaced & learned from top agents, casting directors, producers & directors.
In 2016, Layla participated in A Class Act NY’s audition only Pre-Professional Broadway Musical Theater program. A Class Act NY is one of the top acting schools for kids & teens in NYC. Layla was actually offered an invitation to the program without having to audition because A Class Act NY ‘s Director had seen her in a few previous classes, and she thought that Layla was “ready to take her acting to the next level”.
Layla is proficient in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. She can also speak fluently in British, Southern, Israeli, and New York Accents and she has mastered doing a little kids voice.
Layla is extremely smart and is one of the top students in her class. She loves STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), including taking 4 years of Robotics. She is very creative, artistic, quick witted, and humorous. She has an excellent memory and is a very quick learner.
Layla has been a member of her school’s Choir and Orchestra for several years where she sings and plays Upright and Electric Bass, as well as Piano. She also competes in horseback riding and she is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
In addition to working with Bello Talent, Layla also has an exclusive agency contract with BMG-NY which represents her in TV, Film, Commercials, Modeling, Print, and Voice Overs.